2017 Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Hand-picked Wardrobe BLOCK 1

I'm excited today to launch my 2017 free Block of the Month Wall Quilt. I have called it:

Hand-picked Wardrobe

It is based on some fantastic and oh-so-relevant verses from the Bible in Colossians 3:12-14. The Message version puts it this way:

"Dress in the wardrobe God picked
out for you ..."

and then it goes on to enumerate the character traits that we should wear every day. I love sharing God's Word and I hope you will enjoy stitching these wonderful words with hundreds of other stitchers around the world.

The pattern is FREE, for personal use or to make as a gift. You may also give a copy to friends and tell them where to find me, but please do not use the pattern for profit.

If you have a blog, I would love it if you would put my
"Hand-picked Wardrobe" button on your sidebar, or post it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc so that other stitchers can share in this free pattern. Here's the button for you - Just right click on it and Save image as or Copy image over to your site with a link back to my blog.

The wall quilt measures 32 inches square and will be broken up into 12 blocks. Each month this year, I plan to give you the pattern for another block plus the finishing instructions. Each new block will be available for free download until the end of 2017. 

The first item in our wardrobe is compassion - how this is needed in our world today:

If you hop over to my Craftsy Store, you will find Block 1 there.

As always, I would love to see photos of your completed block!

We have had a heatwave here so it's certainly the weather to be indoors stitching in front of the air conditioner! The result is that I have completed another row of my new QAYG quilt and all the appliques are done on a different section so it's ready for quilting - still deciding how I'm going to quilt this row, but it's certainly easier for me to manage just an 8 inch strip than manoeuvering a whole quilt under the needle.

Before I get to the machine again, I have another job on my list - to preserve a case of plums. They have just become plentiful in our area, which means they're at a good price. It's a bit of work now to process them, but the result is that we can enjoy them on our cereal throughout the year.

Melting heart moment of the week was when Grand-daughter skyped us and asked could we order some play-dough 'food' in her pretend cafe! Thanks to the wonders of technology, we watched her more than 1000 kms away, prepare our nachos, hot dogs, and dessert, all beautifully presented - it actually made us feel hungry!  We are blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren.

May you know many blessings in your life too.


Ushering in 2017

Happy New Year!

Many years ago, I used to make New Year resolutions, but discovered that usually they would barely last a week and they would be either broken or forgotten. For 2017 I am very happy to live a day at a time with no great plans, excitement or trips on the horizon. We live in such a wonderful place, that we’re quite content to spend a lot of time at home.

I enjoy assisting in our Church. As well as hosting a Home Group, I maintain the website and the song database, prepare rosters, play for services and try to fulfil my role as a deacon, so there's plenty to keep my retired hands and mind busy. 

Of course, the pull of needle and thread is as strong as ever and I hope to be able to continue in 2017 to make pretty and practical fabric projects. 

A new year is a good time to start a new quilt. I roughly designed a row quilt recently and prepared a few of the appliqu├ęs but in the last week I have actually started putting some of it together. There's a Drunkard's Path row:

and some Sawtooth stars:

The Fabric I am using is the Welcome Home Collection 1 range and it is just beautiful to work with, as well as to look at!

I am making the project using the Quilt-As-You-Go method and those two rows are now already quilted, which is so easy since I am only quilting an 8 inch strip!

The 2017 free Block of the Month design is hanging on my sewing room wall and I'm enjoying looking at it every day. I plan to launch the programme next weekend, so make sure you come back to collect the first block.

Here's a tincy wincy sneek peak - see if you can guess the theme!

Till next time,


Just a few days left

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed having five of our grandchildren (including spouses) plus our son with us - a lovely family time.

Now there are just a few days left of 2016. That means you have a very short time to download all the blocks from the free Block of the Month design, You Are Blessed. The patterns will be removed when I get up on the 1st January. (I'm an early riser and we're talking Australian time, so don't miss out!)

Of course, I have another free Block of the Month quilt for you for 2017. It is coming together beautifully and I am nearly ready to start quilting it. Look out for the first pattern mid January.

Meanwhile, if you like cute stitcheries, The Mouse House, is now available in my pattern store.

One of my clever grandsons drew up the design for me.

Mr & Mrs Mouse are all set up in their sweet toadstool house.

Happy stitching!

Christmas Tree Ornament - free pattern

I have the last of my 2016 free Christmas ornaments for you today - a simple Christmas tree:

I decided to stick to a monochromatic colour scheme so there's plenty of green!

The garlands are in fly-stitch alternating with beads, but of course you could use whatever stitch you wish. You might like to stitch the garlands in red then add red ricrac around the edge, which would look great.

 Whatever way you like to stitch it, I hope you enjoy making it ... and I would love to see a photo of your end product.

The free pattern is in my Craftsy Store here:

While you are in my store, you might like to look at this lovely Christmas cushion. 

The pattern is now available here.

I am well on the way with the 
free Block of the Month pattern 
that I have designed for 2017. I joined my husband in the lounge room for a few hours while the One Day cricket games were on and managed to get two or three of the embroidered panels stitched. 

The bonus was that Australia won all three games over New Zealand!

I thought you would like to hear my story about this Clivea:

Nearly 30 years ago when we were living in a College Community, a friend from Queensland came to one of our Summer Schools. She was an avid gardener and asked could she have a piece of one of the Cliveas that were in the spacious grounds, We gave her permission and didn't think about it ever again! Fast forward to a couple of years ago. We moved to Queensland and our friend came to visit us in our new home, present in hand. The gift was a Clivea plant from that original one we had given her 30 years ago! ... and here it is now flowering in our courtyard! It brings back happy memories of many lovely years in a beautiful location.

Happy stitching!

Holly Christmas Tree Ornament - Free Pattern

Today I have another little Christmas Tree Ornament for you, featuring Holly.

I was wondering why we use Holly to decorate our homes at Christmas and discovered a few ideas. Here is one I like:

The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries are the drops of blood that were shed by Jesus because of the thorns.

The Holly and Ivy carol has these lines:
"The holly bears a berry/As red as any blood/And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ/To do poor sinners good."  "The Holly bears a prickle/As sharp as any thorn/And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ/On Christmas Day in the morn"

I rather like the simplicity of this little decoration with nothing other than some red blanket-stitching to finish off the edges.

Another version I have made has green ric rac around the edge, stitched in place with French Knots. I like the white background too.

As usual, the pattern is available free in my Craftsy Store.

We start our round of Christmas break-ups this coming week and I've been making some of these little decorations as mini gifts.

A bit of gold braid adds some glitz:

I think my favourite edging has to be crochet. It's certainly the one I enjoy doing the most:

Have you made any of these ornaments yet?

 I have just a couple more of these to make and then I am excited about starting the 2017 free Block of the Month wall quilt for you. It's all designed, the fabric is chosen, and it's just waiting for me to start cutting and embroidering!

Happy stitching!